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Amanda Fisher

Helping Business Owners Understand Their Numbers

Need to Unscramble Your Numbers?

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Over the last 30 years I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses to increase their understanding, sharpen their focus and increase their profit.

There have been a lot of developments in business since I started out in the mid-1980s, and I’ve seen my fair share of strategies transition in and out of fashion. 

The one constant has always been the importance of understanding what your business numbers are telling you.

Numbers don’t lie!  They measure the health of your business and show you the areas to focus on for the most rapid and effective returns.

My mission is to help business owners read and understand their numbers through books, courses and workshops.

Let me help you unscramble your numbers, increase your cash flow, create more profit, and reduce the stress in your business.

Understanding how to read your business numbers can make the biggest and the quickest difference in any business…

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Amanda is the author of three books including two Amazon Bestsellers.  She has also contributed to three anthologies along side some of greatest minds in business.

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Amanda has created courses to help business owners unscramble their business finances and reports; and unlock the full potential of their accounting system.

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Amanda is an award-winning CFO and available for consulting work and mentoring.  If your business needs a hands on CFO, contact Amanda for a chat.

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"Always ready with help, advice and a sympathetic ear, Amanda shares our entrepreneurial view of the world and has demonstrated to us an innovative approach to helping us manage our business."

Neil Hymers
Penbro Wireless Solutions Pty Ltd

Listen To The Podcast

Amanda is the host of the Seeing Through The Numbers podcast.  Each episode has a focus on a particular area of business all, off course, tying back to numbers.

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Amanda is an in-demand key note speaker and presenter.  She has spoken at many conferences and also hosts bespoke workshops for industry groups.

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Amanda's Blog

Amanda blogs regularly on all things small business. Read the latest here.

Amanda's Contributions

Amanda has contributed articles, mentoring and advice in the following publications.

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Feeling The Pressure?

Are you feeling the pressure in your business? Are the finances stressing you out?

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