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Masterclass Series

The Don’t Get Strangled By The Numbers Masterclass Series

Welcome to the Masterclass Series

The program which helps business owners to understand their numbers to make good decisions and take control of their business.

My name is Amanda Fisher, aka The Cash Flow Queen, and I love educating business owners about their numbers. I am a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years’ experience working with businesses in all types of industries, helping their owners to achieve their business goals.

I’ve helped businesses to increase their profits (and cash flow)
  • through identifying inefficiencies in their systems,
  • by reviewing and correcting pricing structures,
  • by setting financial goals and breaking them down into monthly and weekly targets
  • by looking to the future with forecasting models
  • understanding the impact of new revenue streams
  • identifying their best performing services

I want to help you understand your numbers so you can save time and money to achieve your goals quicker.

The New Don’t Get Strangled By The Numbers Masterclass Series

My new group training program is designed specifically to provide you with the knowledge to make financial decisions in your business with confidence. In this program I will guide you through The Profitable Modern Business FrameworkTMwhich I developed over years of working one on one with business owners just like you. I’ll share checklists, templates, and cheat sheets so you have all the necessary the tools to use in your business.

The program kicks off in February 2021 and will run through to July 2021.

It will include:
  • Monthly Masterclasses (6 in total)
  • Monthly Q&A sessions
  • Be part of a closed Facebook Group where you can share learnings and ask questions
  • Optional: One-on-One Coaching sessions with me (on application)
This program is perfect if you are:
  • The owner of an established service business
  • An entrepreneur or business owner who struggles to understand the financial reports
  • An entrepreneur or business owner who recognises the value of knowing your numbers
  • Willing to learn to accelerate your success
  • Action oriented and willing to utilise the lessons within your business

Here’s what clients have said about my training programs:

"Love the way you lay it all out. Just what I needed. "

Andrew Winnell
- Founder of CAST Intelligence Pty Ltd

"She has a great way of putting the numbers into terms that I can understand as a business owners, and not make me feel silly for not understanding it"

Linda Lenord
- Business Coach

"Thank you so much again for your guidance and expertise. I feel as though we have accounts with purpose now."

Tracey Bode
- Founder of Zyteq Pty Ltd

"I implemented your strategies and I budgeted for the year using your system. Last summer was the first time since I have been in private practice that I had 4 weeks off work and was fully paid even though I did not generate any revenue during that period of time."

Helen McCaffray
- Occupational Therapist

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I invite you to improve your confidence, find the compelling insights hidden in the numbers and take control over the business numbers.

Interested? Please register your details below and I will call you to explore whether this program is right for you.

Masterclass Series


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