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5 Tips to Deal with the Stress of Travel

May 15, 2019

I love to travel, and I’ll use any excuse to get on a plane.

So, if there’s an interesting conference in an overseas location or a speaking opportunity I’ll be itching to go, and even better when I have clients in far-flung locations around the world. And the sad thing is, it doesn’t even have to be an exotic location, although those are more interesting and fun.


1. Arrive at the airport well before your departure time. I got caught out once arriving at a US airport for a domestic flight to Los Angeles with a connecting international flight back to Australia.

We arrived about an hour or so before the flight to find a very long queue for the check-in machines. By the time we got to them, it was just under an hour before we would travel, and we were told that because we were flying...

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Being Organised

May 15, 2019

Organisation is essential. Not just in your business but especially around your numbers. Putting a system in place to get a clear and accurate picture of your numbers at any moment.

I'm guilty of having papers everywhere and of having a desk that it's neatly organized in its piles, and I do know where everything is, but it's still this clutter on my desk, and today I've been forced to tidy my desk because I have a client coming in to see me and that means that I want to make the place look nice. So I have tidied my desk. I now can see the desktop and it feels so much better. I still have the papers, they're still in piles, they're just not on my desk, and when I need them I can go and get them and bring them onto my desk, work on them and then put them back again.

I was thinking about how that relates to our numbers, and it's exactly the same thing. It's about being organized and having particular places for paperwork.

If you're a paper type person, it may be that you have either a...

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Love Is In Your Business

Feb 14, 2019

Around Valentine's Day, we all think of love as relationships with loved ones... but you have a relationship with your business too.

You need to love and be in love with your business for it to thrive, and survive into the future.

I'm sure when you started out, you were super excited, passionate about it, loved what you were doing. That's why you started, right?

After you've been in business for a little while are you still jumping out of bed with the same enthusiasm?

Do you still love what you're doing with the same passion and energy that you started?

Probably not as after a little while reality kicks in.

The reality of having enough money to pay the bills.  The reality of the hours you need to put in to make it work.

In order for a business to succeed you have to love your business, and you need to learn to love your numbers too.  Because the numbers are everywhere.

Numbers are part of everything you do - they're the lifeblood of the business.


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The New Kid On The Block

Jan 31, 2019

How do you feel when you walk into a group where you don't know anyone?

Whether that's a networking event, chamber of commerce, a new job even, or in my case what I'm talking about is a MasterMind event.

I went to the situation I'm talking about a few months ago.  I walked into the room and I didn't know anybody. What was interesting at the time for me was that everybody seemed to know everybody else. I was the new kid on the block.  They hadn't seen each other for quite a while and they were all hugging each other and all, "Hi, how are you," and, "Oh, it's so great to see you."

The excitement level was great - everybody was welcoming each other warmly but ignoring the few of us who were new.

I think interestingly because it's a high-performing group, the majority of people that were new were fairly introverted.  Speaking to some of them afterward about this was quite interesting because I thought I was the only one.

I thought I was the only person who felt like...

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How to calculate the most crucial number for your business

Jan 11, 2019

Often the focus in business is all around revenue, but there is one crucial number that service-based businesses need to focus on even more.


Break-even is the minimum amount of income you need to cover all your costs.  It’s the bare minimum number you need to keep your head above water each month.

So how do you figure it out?

Oddly enough, we’ll start with your non-business expenses. Your personal expenses.  While break even is all about the business, we need to understand what you need to be drawing out of the business to look after yourself.  Think of this as your personal break even!

1. Start by writing a list of your personal expenses

These are your portion of the household expenses to keep the house running smoothly. We’re talking mortgage, rent, electricity, telephone, clothing, entertainment, schooling, food. 

If you're already drawing a certain amount out of your business - as a salary or drawings – this is a good...

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Business Financials: Look to the Future, Not Over Your Shoulder

Jul 29, 2018
We have eyes that look forward to where we’re going and whilst some people may say they have eyes in the back of the head, the reality is they don’t.
So why is it then, that when we’re looking at finances, we are continually looking backward and not looking to the future? Pilots are at the front of the plane watching where the plane is going, into the future, as they fly us around the world. They’re not looking behind them at where they’ve been. The past is useful and has a place. Pilots use their experiences and lessons learned in the past to help them fly the plane into the future.


People in agricultural businesses are great at doing this.
Whilst they use their experience over the years, even decades, of growing and harvesting their crops, they are continually looking to the future to make...
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3 Reasons to Change That Will Improve Your Future

Jul 22, 2018

Being comfortable in business may well be an elusive dream to you, but if you’ve been in business for a few years, I’m willing to bet that you have developed your own way of doing things that you’ve become comfortable with.

The classic case I used to see, though not so much anymore, was business owners continuing to use desktop accounting software when they could save literally hours of data entry time and cost by switching to an Internet-based system like Xero.

If you consider the phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, famously used by T. Bert Lance, Director of the Office of Management and Budgets in Jimmy Carter’s 1977 administration in America, then you wouldn’t consider a change at all. But whilst it may not be broke if there’s an easier, quicker, cheaper way to do the same process or job, wouldn’t you want to change?


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What Are Your Business Numbers Telling You?

Jul 15, 2018

For your business numbers to tell you about the state of your business, you first have to take the time to look at them and therein lies the first hurdle for most business owners.

They fear what the numbers might say or know that they won’t understand them or have a mindset that they’re not good at maths and as a result, they bury their heads in the sand and/or abdicate all responsibility to their bookkeeper or accountant. None of these actions will help your business to survive let alone thrive.

I was talking to UK business leadership coach, Andrew Priestley, about how important the numbers are in business and his experience with clients who don’t know the basic numbers. It’s disappointing to me that so little is available to help redress this issue and the reason that I continue to write these blog posts. The more knowledge I share, the more I am helping people to overcome the knowledge gap that is vital for business success.


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