Is The Pressure Building In Your Business?

Take the Business Barometer to measure exactly where you need to relieve the pressure in your finances.

Stressing About Business?

In the 5 levels of business the bottom one is Stress.  Are you in a position where you are constantly stressing about the state of your business? Will more income fix it?  Possibly but there are a few other factors will also contribute to stress levels in your business. 

When Enough is Enoughle

When customers and clients don't pay it can be frustrating and affect your cash flow and your relationship. In this case when is enough just enough?

Keeping Track of Your Successes

Do you keep track of your successes? Time goes by so quickly and as the successes are achieved and the milestones reached, it's all too easy to forget them.

Grab Hold Of Opportunities

Are you grabbing hold of every opportunity that comes your way? Some times taking the left of centre opportunities can lead to even greater things for your profile, your business and your cash flow.

Do you Catch or Drop a Curve Ball?

When life throws you a curve ball - how do you react? Do you catch it and run with it? Or do you do everything you can to avoid it? If you know your financial position does that allow you to better handle curve balls that come your way?

Reputation and Referrals

Are the referrals you're giving impacting your business? When you get a referral in you have complete control over the customer service. But how do you guarantee the same when you GIVE a referral?

Why Regular Reporting Is Essential For Success

Keeping an eye on your reports on a regular basis allows you to make informed decisions for the direction of your business.
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The Power of Focus

As a business owner you don't HAVE to know how to keep the books or do the accounts, but you do need to know which numbers you need to focus on to make the best decisions for your business.
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Why Monthly Mentoring Makes a Difference

Do you ever feel like you don't know what the numbers mean? Are you the sort of person who only looks at your numbers when the accountant gets you to sign off on something or the bookkeeper sends a quarterly report? If so, this is the episode for you.

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Feeling Overwhelmed

Are you feeling overwhelmed juggling your finances? Chances are you aren’t the only one, but chances are that overwhelm is then spreading to the rest of your business. How can you take the overwhelm out of the numbers so you can free yourself up to do the things you love?
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What's In A Name?

In this episode Amanda talks all about naming. How a name isn't just a throwaway thing, it can have a real impact on your customers perception, the message and ultimately your sales.

The Right People for the Right Task

In this episode Amanda talks about finding the best person for those jobs that you need to outsource in your business. Weighing up cost vs benefit and finding the right fit for your business and your budget.

Honouring Commitments to Yourself

How well do you keep commitments to yourself? And is it harder to keep those than it is to keep commitments to others? This week Amanda looks at the importance of commitments to keep the business running. Promotion:
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Divulging Personal Information

How much is too much when you are divulging personal information? This week is all about finding the balanced between holding back or oversharing when making connections in business. Promotion:
As mentioned in the podcast, I’m currently offer the first module of the Business Cash Flow Program for free.<Click Here to access this.

My 90 Day Planning Hack

My super colourful way to plan your next 90 days! As mentioned in the podcast, I’m currently offer the first module of the Business Cash Flow Program for free. Get started >> HERE -


Do you celebrate little wins? It's important to not let wins slip on by but to stop and celebrate milestones in your life and your business to keep you motivated. Promotion:
As mentioned in the podcast, I'm currently offering the first module of the Business Cash Flow Program for free .<Click Here to access this.>

Blaming Others or Taking ResponsibilityAdd a title

Are you taking responsibility for your actions? This week Amanda takes a look at how your attitude and actions can reflect on who does business with you.

Strategic Planning

It's impossible to think strategically when you don't have a business plan. This episode talks about a 5-year plan and what you need to do NOW to get to where you want to be in 5 years time.

Think Differently To Get Different Results

The only way to get a different result for your business is to think differently. In this episode Amanda shares cracking tips on dealing with corporate clients and how thinking differently and having discussions can make a huge impact on your cash flow. 

Deep Dive Into Differences

This week is all about looking for differences in your numbers. What's different about the numbers from last week to this week? What's different about the numbers compared to this time last financial year? What's changed?
Differences aren't always a negative, but it's in looking at differences that you learn the most about what is and isn't working in your business

Expect the Unexpected

This week Amanda was on Norfolk Island. Where she was met with the unexpected. Are you prepared for the unexpected in your business?

Deadline Driven Results

Some people work to deadlines - leaving everything to the last minute. And others pace themselves and spread out the work so they aren't running around crazily the night before the due date. The same goes for bill payments... some pay straight away on receipt of the bill and others wait right until that due date. What's the pros and cons for your business?

The Power of Focus

Focus means many things to many people. But focus is imperative in a business to ensure that your finances don't get out of control!

The No. 1 Mistake. Don't Do It!

What's the Number 1 Mistake people make in business? Focusing on the wrong thing. This week Amanda tells you how to avoid the mistake and what you do need to focus on.

Automate or Spreadsheet

f you're serious about your business you should start it with a proper accounting program in place. There are some great accounting packages for start ups which are a heap cheaper than having a bookkeeper or accountant decipher your excel spreadsheet and shoe box full of expense receipts. Invest early.

Handing Over Control

Handing over control is a huge deal for anyone, especially a business owner that is used to doing everything. But delegating doesn't always need to be a scary thing for business owners....

Training and Travelling

Continued learning is an important part of any business owners journey. And if, like me, you find yourself travelling to be taught by the very best, there are a few things you need to remember about both training and travel.

If You Don’t Understand... ASK!

So many times I hear people coming to me saying they don't understand their year end accounts and tax returns. This is your business, if you don't understand your numbers please ASK!

Balance or Boundaries

The age old debate about work/life balance... but IS it all about balance really? Or is it more about setting some boundaries.

Are You Upsetting Your Tribe?

Referrers, loyal customers and advocates are the people who not only support your business, they share your business - be it via word of mouth or direct referral. You need to ensure that you're looking after your tribe as failure to do so can have real consequences.

Numbers Are Everywhere

Numbers are all around us. In your everyday life and in your business. The key is to not be scared of your business numbers and use your everyday knowledge in your business life.

Disruption & Technology

In this episode Amanda looks at a few businesses and discusses whether technology is the cause of their downturn or demise; and whether technology is, in fact, the answer to a lot of growing businesses needs.

Going Solo Seeking Help

Solopreneurs choose to work in their business alone. But if you are a solopreneur you don't need to go through the whole journey by yourself. This week Amanda talks about the importance of mentors, advisers and friends in business.

Love is In Your Business...

Are you still in love with your business or is the honeymoon over? Understand your numbers and get the spark back by removing the stress that goes with the unknown.

Productivity & Profit

Is productivity blowing your budget? This week Amanda talks about the importance of tracking projects. Failure to do so can strongly impact the profit.

The New Kid On the Block

In this episode Amanda talks about what it feels like to be the new kid in a situation. And how you, as an "old kid" can help to welcome the new members!

Break Even for Product Based Businesses

Ep. 31 | Following on from Episode 29, this week Amanda looks at Break Even again but this time for Product Based Businesses. A must listen for anyone with physical products in their business - brick and mortar or online.

Integrity In Agreements

We're talking this week about Integrity in Agreements. About how important it is to make an agreement *IN WRITING* and stick to it or do the variations properly.

Break Even

What is the #1 number that owners of service-based businesses need to know?  Break Even. Learn how to determine your break even and how to make the most out of the information you obtain.


Reflection in business is important. And, when it comes to the numbers, getting another perspective on things often helps your understanding.

Being Organised

Organisation is essential. Not just in your business but especially around your numbers. Putting a system in place to get a clear and accurate picture of your numbers at any moment.

Power Of Restraint

Around this time of year when we are inundated with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales it's good to double check whether your spending is "need to have" or "nice to have".  The Power of Restraint is important.

Integrity With Numbers

Amanda is talking this week about integrity in all your business practices. About doing what you say and communicating with clients honestly and openly.

Introverts need people too!

In episode 24 of the Seeing Through The Numbers podcast, Amanda talks about introverts needing to have people around them; and how both introverts and extroverts need to find a balance in how they spend their days.

Kitten or Big Cat? Which one are you

In this episode, Amanda reflects on the image of a kitten looking into a mirror and seeing a big cat... are you thinking big or are you seeing the opposite and undervaluing yourself?about specific features of your product.

Being Watchful

In this episode of Seeing Through The Numbers, Amanda talks about the importance of being watchful of your immediate and greater surroundings to see things that might be affecting your business.


In this episode, Amanda talks about how important it is to connect with people in an audience as well as connecting and communicating with your team, advisers and specialists to ensure that you are all on the same page within the business.

Think Big

All the way from New York City, Amanda talks about the theme of the event that she is attending - Think Big - and how forward thinking and planning is imperative for businesses to stay relevant and profitable.

Greg Smargiassi | Our CFO

Greg Smargiassi from OurCFO joins Amanda to talk about the importance of engaging a CFO even as early as the start-up stage of your business.

Greg discusses how understanding your numbers can prompt you to ask the right questions to better manage your business.

The Balance Sheet

In episode 18, Amanda talks about the often misunderstood balance sheet. Amanda will break down the different elements of the balance sheet and explain the key things to look for to check the health of your business.

Management Reports

Too often accounting systems are set up to benefit the accountant but it's imperative that you get your system providing you with management reports so you can make informed decisions about your business.

Learn a simple way you can tweak your reporting to gauge profitability over several different revenue streams in your business.

Ojdana Skovrlj | Key Accounting & Taxation

Odjana specialises in small business & individual taxation as well as SMSF administration with the aim to help clients grow their business and increase profits.

In this episode, Odjana chats about small business, accounting, bookkeeping, taxation and log books. She also has some great tips for small business owners.

Cash vs Accrual Accounting

In episode 15, Amanda explains the often misunderstood differences between Cash and Accrual Accounting. A must-listen for small business owners.

The Importance of Understanding Your Numbers

In episode 14, Amanda talks about the importance of understanding your numbers and takes you through a few scenarios that she has encountered in her career.

Roland Hanekroot | New Perspectives

Roland is a Business-Life Coach who works with business owners to discover what their business and life could really look like and then he helps them build it.

Roland is the author of The Ten Truths Trilogy, business books for people who don't read business books (but should). 

Seeing Through The Cash Flow

Seeing Through the Cash Flow.

Amanda will talk more about cash flow forecasts and how they can assist businesses in various stages of growth or crisis.

Stuart Hunter | Futrli

In this episode, I'm talking with Stuart Hunter, National Head of Sales Australia and New Zealand at Futrli.

Futrli is an online service where you can get all the answers about your business in one place by combining existing business data with planning for the future, to help you make the right decisions.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Today I'm talking about how to prepare a manual cash flow forecast for your business. This is important for a few reasons, it allows you to predict your cash at bank at the end of each month, it gives you an opportunity to review expenses (before they hit your bank account) and gives you the foresight you need especially in start-up and growth phases where external funding might need to be arranged.

Jan Reeves | Jan Reeves Consulting

Jan Reeves is the creator of GET PAID! the short small business owners course on how to get invoices paid on time without upsetting customers.

In this episode of the podcast, Amanda talks to Jan about how small business owners can tweak their admin process to ensure invoices get paid promptly.

Revenue VS Capital

Money coming into your bank account is great.

But the key is to understand the difference between revenue and capital receipts and which ones will impact your profit and loss and which ones just help your cash flow in the short term.

Drew Browne from Sapience Financial

In this episode of Seeing Through the Numbers, I’m talking with Drew Browne from Sapience Financial about business expense insurance.

Drew is a straight-talking financial adviser who believes life is not about money. He’s focused on helping small businesses owners and their families, protect and provide for those they love and what they’re are responsible for.

A big believer in protecting your purpose, Drew believes when people feel secure, they live bigger lives and lead better businesses. His company Sapience Financial & Investment is a Certified B Corp and in 2017 he received the Westpac Businesses of Tomorrow Award.

We’ll find out just what Business Expense Insurance is, discover the best time to take it out and whether this is right for your business.

Expenses, Payments and Savings

Whilst you do need to spend money to make money, often expenses creep in and you find if you look that you're paying for things you don't require or need. In this episode, we'll take a look at how to save money on things like subscriptions, fixed vs variable costs, ROI

Nick Urry from Dexterous talks Bookkeeping

In this episode, I’m talking with Nick Urry from Dexterous Accounting about bookkeeping.

Nick has worked in Finance & Operations for over 10 years across a range of sectors including Professional Services, Recruitment and currently Banking & Financial Services.

Nick is a CA and registered Tax Agent. His experience working in large organisations and also small businesses has given him an appreciation for just the right amount of process and procedures required to develop a high functioning finance team / operation.

Nick is highly effective in analysing a process and then recommending and implementing efficiencies either through automation or more general process improvements. The end result is an enhancement to the existing process and creation of a more efficient operating environment saving businesses time and money.


In this episode, Amanda will take about bookkeeping – no, not about how to be a bookkeeper or data entry – I’m going to talk about the importance of bookkeeping to allow you to get accurate data for your business.  And also how to best manage your relationship and data with an external bookkeeper.

Paul Rose from Waddle talks funding Small

In this episode, I’m talking with Paul Rose from Waddle about Small Business Finance – but a bit of a different type of finance than most small business owners would be used to.

Paul Rose is the Head of Sales at Waddle.

Waddle provides a modern invoice finance option to businesses via an easy to use cloud-based platform which integrates seamlessly with cloud accounting system. Their customers use Waddle to manage cash flow, access cost-effective working capital and to drive their business forward. Based in Sydney, Waddle is the fastest growing cloud-based invoice financing provider.

Working Capital

In this episode, Amanda will talk about managing your cash flow for the long-term and how to manage your accounts payable and receivable to always keep some money in the bank.

Many businesses run into the issue of not having sufficient money to keep the business going.

The excitement of a startup can quickly be replaced by the realisation that you’ve spent all the cash and you don’t have the money to sustain your business AND contribute to the bills at home.

Cash Flow vs Profit

In Episode 1 of the Seeing Through The Numbers Podcast, Amanda will be addressing the common question of “You say I’ve made a profit, but where’s the money?”  She’ll look at the difference between Cash Flow and Profit and what each means to the all-important cash in the bank.

Amanda will also talk about the best way to juggle your accounts to ensure that you always have money to pay the ATO, your employees and the other legal obligations.


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