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When you’ve been in any industry as long as I have, and every day is spent unscrambling numbers in some way or form, you accumulate a lot of knowledge along the way.

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Strangled By The Numbers

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During my 30 years as an Accountant, I have learned shortcuts to the best outcomes, uncover traps and pitfalls, and also found “less-than-successful” methods that you probably wouldn’t attempt a second time.

With my deep industry knowledge and a voracious appetite for learning, I found myself sitting on a mountain of knowledge.

A few years ago, I began mentally unpacking that knowledge. The result? I’ve published three books and become a regular contributor for several industry blogs and websites.

My Books

Unscramble Your Numbers

For business owners who want to take control of your cash flow

Unscramble Your Numbers is the definitive step by step guide to understanding business cash flow and financial reporting for better decisions.

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Connected Technology

For business owners considering using cloud accounting

Connected Technology – How to Transform Your Business with Cloud Accounting, is a must-read to understand how cloud accounting can revolutionise your business.

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The Connected Accounting Practice

For practice owners wanting to take their business to the next level

In the Connected Accounting Practice,  I explain how to unlock your accountant practice by embracing techonology and improving productivity.

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"Cloud accounting has been the missing link in business for a long time. Now it’s here Amanda Fisher has written the definitive book to help anyone make the transition – and it is an exceptional book, inspiring, easy to read and wonderfully practical."

Andrew Griffiths
Australia's #1 Small Business Author

My Contributions

As well as publishing my own titles, I appear in the following publications.

The Better Business Book Vol 3

The Better Business Book is your one-stop shop for crystal-clear business advice that you can use to grow your business and live the life you’ve always wanted.

It is a curated book featuring 100 business owners – including me! – sharing our most valuable business lesson.

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Fit For Purpose Leadership Volume #4

Fit For Purpose Leadership #4 features 21 high performing leaders from around the world. 

We each shared our highest-value thinking and advice on business leadership with a focus on health, mindset, social and relationships, meaning and purpose, best practice and emerging trends.

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The Business Growth Accountant

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Paul Shrimpling for his Business Growth Accountant book.

Paul's book helps readers to unlock how to build a reputation as a Business Growth Accountant by building stronger relationships, building your own and your teams skills and  charging healthy fees.

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"Have started reading your book and loving it, the plain English, the ‘yes that’s me’ moments. I’m enthralled and my husband cannot understand how ‘reading an accounting book can do that!"

Janet LaPlanche
The Special Delivery Company

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