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What I Learnt About The Oscars And The Olympics

Nov 26, 2019

I've heard the Stevie Awards referred to as the Oscars for business owners and entrepreneurs.

The gold trophies have a similarity to the Oscar trophies and the hype around it when you're involved as a finalist feels like, I imagine, the Oscars feel like.
Once you've made it to the finalists, the excitement mounts as the award ceremony day draws closer and closer. Then the day finally arrives and it's time to dress up for the event; you know the drill, hair, makeup, and a pretty outfit that is on-brand for your business.
You can feel the excitement and nervous energy at the pre-event networking event before the doors are opened to the ballroom where the ceremony takes place. Tables are beautifully laid out, the room decked out, and a yummy meal to tuck into before the ceremony itself.
The ceremony kicks off and having looked at the order for the night, I find myself in the sixth category from the start. Tension mounts, nerves kick in...
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