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Time To Go Back To The Basics

Apr 14, 2020

With our business worlds turned upside down, it’s time to go back to the basics.

Time to learn or review core concepts and re-build our financial foundations. Not only build them literally but also to really know what they are and what they mean.
Core financial concepts are the basics that savvy business owners use every day to make decisions.
Whether you’ve recently started out in business or been operating for a number of years, unless you’ve taken the time in the past to truly learn about the core financial concepts you’ll have been missing out on important data about what’s been happening in your business.
Invariably, when business owners approach me for assistance, they’re feeling out of control. They are usually overwhelmed and inwardly admitting their inexperience.

From Inexperience to Understanding

The lack of experience usually results in poor cash flow and low profits. You can’t focus on the numbers...
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