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Commitment vs Complaining


I’ve recently been investing time in training to improve my skills for the future. What’s different about this is that whilst I was supposed to have been in the US for the training, the sessions have continued, in US times.


Thus it’s meant going to bed at 5pm, getting up at midnight and being focused and present through the wee hours of the morning until the days training concluded around 9am.

Then, because I’m a glutton for punishment, I’d then work until around 4pm before heading to bed again (with appropriate breaks for breakfast and midday dinner).


What I found interesting about this has been those who complain about the hours. Particularly UK attendees complaining they have to stay up to midnight or 1am. Well, then again, perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised to hear whinging Poms. How much easier it would be to stay up late and then sleep in a little the next day. So much easier than having to be up through the early hours of the morning.

There is ongoing training from 1am to 2.30am. This is harder still. This has meant getting to bed reasonably early before getting up at 12.30am. Then heading back to bed around 2.45am to try and finish the nights’ sleep.

Not an easy task to fall asleep at that hour particularly when your mind’s buzzing from the hour and a half of training it’s just heard.

Taking Responsibility

I made a commitment to attend the training, and for the full days’ trainings, I’ll continue to do so, re-arranging my days to make those work. But after a few weeks of the ongoing training, I’ve had to make the decision that a good nights’ sleep is more important than being live in the group training.

Sure, I’m missing out on the opportunity to meet my colleagues, to brainstorm with them on the latest learning, but I do have the option to listen to the recording of the training component at a time of my choosing, and that’s what I’m choosing to do.

There’s no point complaining about the hours. I knew the time frames when I signed up. Well not the initial training which I had expected to do in person with a trip to the US. I’m still 100% committed to the learning and am vigilantly watching the training and keeping up with the “homework”.

In our virtual world, there are very few times that potentially work to suit those in Europe, USA and Australia. Certainly, not for full days’ training.

Commitment to Business Opportunities

A number of speaking colleagues are working at all hours of the night to fit in with business hours overseas. I’ve not heard any complaining. It is part and parcel of the current speaking world. Managing sleep is an integral part of the process.

This may mean no work for the next day or two or perhaps even the day before too. This has implications for cash flow. It may even have the effect of limiting income.

In Summary

Those who have the commitment to continue to provide their expertise internationally will continue to maintain their networks and connections. Others who are complaining will miss the opportunities.

People who have the commitment to learn will find ways to deal with the difficult hours of attendance. Those who complain, will continue as they’ve done without the benefit of improving themselves.


Photo by Luis Cortes on Unsplash


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